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Well it’s another season of the doctor Oz show, and we are starting  off with what I believe and have proven, is one of the most important findings about burning fat faster and how you can incorporate that into your daily routine. The miracle supplement we are talking about is Green coffee bean extract. We have previously talked about this fat burner capsule last May which caused a  marketing apocalypse to occur.

Websites, store owners, online marketers and  advertisers all started telling all about the benefits of selling this product over the summer months and you know what?, sales skyrocketed, Now i out my name to this and even I was attacked for calling green coffee bean extract a miracle and I was surprised at all the fuss that was caused.

Now I want to be clear about this;  I was not paid to say anything about the pure green coffee beans or do I endorse any of the products and I am not going to get paid on what I am talking about on today’s show. So for the first time we’re doing an unprecedented experiment and doing our own study on green coffee bean extract, which is something that we have never done before on this show.


Green Coffee Beans on Dr Oz

This whole audience almost a hundred people participated did they lose weight well the results or in, but before I get to the experiment, it’s important for everyone to understand what they are and why I think it’s so important for weight lost. So first off, what is green coffee bean, where does it come from?  Well it’s a supplement that helps you burn fat faster it works best when it’s in this green plant form that’s the original form, its fat burning properties are destroyed when the beans get roasted, to make the coffee that you drink so you can’t get it from the coffee itself, second big question is how does this stuff work?

Is it the caffeine well no, we don’t think it is the caffeine because this supplement is caffeine free there are anti-oxidants in green coffee bean extract that melt you fat away. So third question then is how much wait can you lose if you take the pills? Well to find out I’ve design an experiment it’s the first of its kind ever on television, and our audience of almost a hundred people here took part in this project, now to get the science right I consulted with my medical advisory board, including some of the best weight loss specialist, nutritionist researchers in the field and two of them are here today.


Dr Oz - Dr CarolineDr.Caroline Apovian a weight lost specialist and nutritionist Christine Kirkpatrick well both of you thank you so much, well Dr.Apovian lets start out with the criteria which is the first thing we do in an experiment of who could participate

Dr.Apovian: so Dr.Oz we wanted to study people who are similar in weight and body mass and also be around the same age. We decided on studying women aged between 35 and 49 and who were not too much overweight. They have a body mass index of 25 to 45, so they are not too big. We also wanted to keep the study safe. We only tested people with a healthy lifestyle, so they didn’t have diabetes, no history of stroke or heart attack and we did not test pregnant women or those that were breastfeeding. We made both the control group and the women that took the supplement to be all around the same , so that there was no conflict between each of the test and effects of the  green coffee bean extract.

Dr.Oz: Now Christine you asked everybody as part of this experiment to participate in making a food log. Why was that so important for you?

Christine: Well it was so important because what we wanted to see was, was the individual weight loss contributed to the green coffee extract or was it attributed to other factors in their diet, we couldn’t really you know have that added element of having them add or reduce calories from their diet, so we wanted them to have the same things in their diet every single day to make sure that we were really testing what were really trying to test.

Dr.Oz: And to be clear we didn’t force them to change what they were eating.

Christine: correct

Dr.Oz: whatever they were eating did I get that right everybody?

Audience: yes

Dr.Oz: you eat what you wanted, okay thank you very much, so how did our big experiment go take a look.

Advert: This is the largest television experiment we’ve ever done, with our entire audience specially chosen and cleared to participate. First step, find green coffee bean extract in its pure form, half our audience testers received the real product, the other half were given a fake placebo with no active ingredients at all. No one knew which one they were given. With each bottle we included a set of instructions on when and how to take the pills and a link to a regular food log, mandatory for each participant, but they didn’t need to make any dietary or lifestyle changes. Then before our participants took their first pill our medical teams recorded thirty of the women starting weight waist size blood pressure and heart rate. For two weeks we followed our testers as they documented there daily routine,

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