Dr Oz Green Coffee Beans Story Transcript 2

In this transcript No2, Dr Oz Green Coffee Beans story is how he interviews some audience members to see how they are going with their experiment and describes that some audience members took a placebo (fake pill), to see if the results were any different between each group

experiment criteria dr ozLet’s first talk about what a “Control Group” is. When you conduct experiments with people in them, it is always good to have a test subject that you can compare your results with. The group that you compare your results on is normally called a “Control Group”. They are used to compare against the group that took the product that they are testing. The Control Group does not take the product or changes their habits in any way. This way they can compare different body types and ages against the same  age and body types of the people that actually took the product that they are testing.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner Pills

Michelle: My name is Michelle I struggled with my weight for about twenty five years and I’m hoping with this new plan I can kick start my weight loss. Like all good dieters I had got ready for the diet yesterday by eating everything that wasn’t nailed down, really.

Dr Oz Green Coffee Beans StoryVanesta: Day one, (exhaled) had a rough day today, went in they weighed me, didn’t like it I got my supplements from Dr.Oz and I’m ready to go and take on the challenge. One of my downfalls the ……stick it’s almost gone.

Dr.Oz: So what happened did the green coffee bean extract work? Who lost weight and how much?  Alright let me ask you don’t you all want to know what happened you do don’t you.

Audience: yes

Dr.Oz: but before I answered that I’m curious so let me ask you couple of questions.

Dr.Oz: So first I want understand why you wanted to participate, so let me just go here let me hop up here. So why did you decide to participate in this?

Member from audience: I decided to participate I’ve struggled with my weight up and down up and down, I exercise I watch what I eat and I still don’t lose weight ,so I felt like well maybe if I participate in this it’ll help me a jumpstart my weight loss.

Dr.Oz: perfect thank you very much, let’s go over here why don’t you hop up if you don’t mind, what’s you first name is it Sherrie

Member from audience Sherrie: yes hi

Dr.Oz: so what were you hoping for in the experiment.

Dr Oz AudienceSherrie: I was hoping not to get the placebo, umm I was also hoping that you know it, I hate to say use the word miracle because you know I don’t want it to pop out and eat whatever I want but it would be nice to know that there is something for us that we can so enjoy our food our lifestyle and lose weight.

Dr.Oz: and explain what you think a placebo is.

Sherrie: uhh, what I think of placebo? I basically think it was just a, can I say that I think that I got it?

Dr.Oz: yes you can (Audience laughing) that always the hope with the placebo but go ahead I just want hear what you think a placebo is.

Sherrie: I think a placebo is basically just a pill of nothing maybe just sugar you know, something that’s not going to have any effect on me one way or another benefit or not so.

Dr.Oz: perfect that’s very accurate actually and one last question hop up here, I’m gonna ask you, you think you got the pill or not?

Member from audience: I think I got the placebo I don’t know I don’t know, I didn’t lost any weight but I lost three inches but.

Dr.Oz: Perfect, so just to clear none of you knew what you were getting.

Audience: no

Dr.Oz: ya’ll kept food logs?

Audience: yes

Dr.Oz: and you took those little pills that we told you too before every meal aright when we come back the surprising results find out if green coffee bean extract is a fat burner that you all have been waiting for that’s next.

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