Dr OZ Video on Green Coffee Beans

Below is the transcript 3 of the Dr Oz Video on Green Coffee Beans It explains more in depth of what ingredients you should look out for when you purchase any of the Green Coffee Bean Capsules.


Dr Oz Video on Green Coffee Beans

Dr.Oz: And we’re back and talking about Green Coffee bean Extract.  Our unprecedented experiment with this audience found that taking green coffee bean extract doubles your weight loss.  Now others have found similar results but not all green coffee is created equal.

We did our own research and we found  there are only two manufacturers that are selling the stuff that works and if you don’t know exactly what to look for your gonna get bombarded with phony ineffective products.

Dr OZ Video on Green Coffee Beans




So here are my guidelines for buying green coffee bean extract, please write these down.

The first thing you’re gonna do is look for either of these words on the bottle. It’s gonna say either Svetol that’s spelled SVETOL or its gonna say contains GCA  which stands for Green Coffee Antioxidants GCA. You’ll find these words listed under the ingredients these words and these words alone lets you know that the product is pure.

Guidelines For Buying Green Coffee Bean ExtractNow let’s talk about that word pure; do not be misled when its put on a label. People use pure all the time as a marketing ploy. I also want you to look for a capsule that says at least fortyfive  percent Chlorogenic Acid is contained in it; more than forty-five percent is fine but I don’t want you to get a bottle of pills with anything less than that amount okay. forty-five percent Chlorogenic Acid.


The capsules you’re gonna get range in size they’re gonna be two hundred milligrams, four-hundred milligrams, eight-hundred milligrams different sizes. I’ll tell you what our participants took cause it seems to work for them. Four-hundred milligram capsules  is what they got and they took those three times a day, a half an hour  before meals.Okay now a thirty day supply costs around thirty dollars, I know that’s a lot of money. If that’s too much for you the free option is a food journal.


So Who Are They Right For?

So who are green coffee beans extract right for? For most healthy adults who want to lose weight could try it. Who is it wrong for? Well there are no indications that green coffee bean extract has any harmful side effects, its always my position to air on the side of caution. So I wouldn’t want you to take this, I would not recommend the supplement for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding and I wouldn’t want young people,  let’s say under the age of eighteen to take it because we just don’t know enough about it.


Side Effects

Also can I ask the audience did any of you experience any jitteriness shakiness?  (Audience answers no). Nobody good because it shows that what we know already is true, green coffee bean  extract has very little caffeine in it. Much less than is in coffee, so  jitterness should not be an issue for anybody with these supplements and finally do not purchase any green coffee bean extract if you cannot see and review the list of ingredients and you should see zero fillers, zero binders and zero artificial ingredients on that list. That’s what you’re looking for  you can find all this information I just gave you on my website.

I want  you also to do me something a favour. I want you to log in  and let us know how much weight you’ve lost if you’re taking the pill be part of this experiment, so we can all learn more and spread the word.

Dr Oz Tv Experiment




This is the one time that I don’t want you to go out there and search for my name online or you’ll be setting yourself up to be scammed and this is super important. If you get an email from me tomorrow about this, you know what,  I want you to delete it, cause I don’t sell the stuff.  I’m never gonna sell the stuff and because I don’t sell any extracts, someone is lying to you in that email, so get rid of it. Do not try to buy any of that stuff  from them. Coming up buy or beware it’s not just sellers who are ripping you off and using my name to do it. If you stay with us I’m gonna save you time, money and maybe even your health.

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