Green Coffee Bean Customer Review

Blow is a review from Steve who has been taking the Green Coffee Bean Capsules for 3 months. He buys through us and below is what he sent us for us to put on our page to help other people with their product search, knowledge of side effects and the best product to purchase.


Steve’s Review

I was sitting at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon when the Dr OZ TV Show came on. I searched through other channels to see what was on, as I do not normally watch Dr OZ. Nothing really was on so I thought I could do a bit of work while watching the show.

Dr OZ came on and started talking about a miracle pill for weight loss that was made from green coffee beans and when turned into a supplement made people lose all this weight. It certainly got my attention. What he described was great, as I had taken some other capsules in the past, that were made from some type of seafood and was supposed stop the absorption of fat into the blood.

I watched all of the show and was intrigued by what he said, so I then decided to do my own homework on where to buy the pure green coffee bean capsules and to make sure that what I was going to buy, had all of the ingredients that Dr Oz talked about.


Chlorogenic AcidFor the first time I had heard the words Chlorogenic Acid, Svetol and CGA but quickly learned that they were the ingredient that I needed to look out for when I was purchasing my own  green coffee bean capsules.

I searched a lot of websites and Youtube videos as i did not want to buy an inferior product and be ripped off; especially when I was buying them from either the UK or United States and since I lived in Australia, then I wanted to save on postage and also be covered by Australian Law if i had a problem with the product.

I could not find many places that sold them in Australia. There were some from Chemist Warehouse but they did not have anything on the bottle about their percentage of Chlorogenic Acid or did they mention Svetol or GCA and their capsules seemed to be only 200mg, so no where near the 800mg capsules that I had found from other products. I also found a range from Blue Gum Pharmacies but they were $25 for 30 capsules, so they weretwice as dear as others that i could find.

I then narrowed my search down to 4 products. 1 from the UK, 2 from the United States and 1 from New Zealand.
From the UK: Svetol  – 50% CGA – 60 Capsules
From the US: Optimus– 50% CGA – – 60 Capsules
From the US: Max – 50% CGA – 60 Capsules
From NZ: Life Spark Green Coffee Bean Extract – 50% CGA – 60 Capsules

These products have all of the right ingredients in them and are are worth a try. I decided to buy mine from the UK.

I have been taking these capsules for 4 months now. I have not lost as much weight as I wanted but then again I did binge a fair bit over Christmas, New Year, Australia Day; pretty much during the Summer months and up to Easter. I did lose 4 kg’s in the 4 months, which is great because i did not eat that well. I did watch what I ate but I did have a few sneaky pizzas here and there and a couple of drink sessions per week consisting of at least 10 cans of beer.


 Weight Loss GuideI found that since I have been taking these capsules, I have started to exercise and look out for my overall fitness and health a bit more because I want to get an overall health benefit and taking these pills gives me the extra incentive to do that. I looked up the 7 Day Eating guide on the Magic Green Coffee Beans website. I did not follow it every day but I did get great ideas on how to make a healthy low fat meal and what snacks were good for me to snack in between meals. I recommend you at least look at it, to get some ideas.


I do not drink coffee at all, so I was a bit weary on what these tablets would do to my sleeping patterns. I also read that the supplements do not have much caffeine in them at all. I must admit that I did not notice any difference in sleep or had any noticeable side effects at all. In fact I find that I am less hungry between meals and that I do not eat as much for lunch and dinner. I have however started drinking Vegetable Smoothies for breakfast and have enough energy to last me well into lunchtime.

I look forward to the colder months where I will be able to lose more weight because I will not have the enticement of having a BBQ and a few beers because it is warm outside.

I hope that when you read this, you take the first step for you to get healthier and start losing those extra kilos and it sure makes it a lot easier by just taking two capsules a day. I have also taken the hard work out for you, so you do not have to do as much homework as I did before I bought and trusted my first green coffee bean product.




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