Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews 

Now that you have read or seen the great benefits of these fat burn pills and you may have read some Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews, then you will want to know where you can get them and at a cheap and reasonable price. You also will have to ensure you buy the right product that has all of the right ingredients in them to work for you to turn these healthy weight loss pills into that little extra help that you need to lose those extra kilos.

What ever you buy or what Review you read, you need to make sure there is more than 45% Chlorogenic Acid in 400mg capsules. Within our reviews you will learn about some products to buy and its weight loss ingredients and the products to stay clear from. Make sure you buy your product from a reputable online store and that way you can assure that you are not buying a fake product that is filled with fake items and fillers. After you have read the reviews you can also see where to buy green coffee beans in Australia.

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Do Not Buy From Ebay

Be wary of buying these off E-Bay, Gumtree, Amazon or other online stores that anyone can put sa product on , as you do not know what you are buying and they may not have been tested for all of the right ingredients. If you buy from a reputable website then at least you know what you are paying for is what you are getting. If they are a fake product then you may not know for a few months, as the product will not work but you still may lose a small bit of weight because you may be watching what you eat or exercise a bit more.


Healthy Care Green Coffee Beans Australia

Healthy Care Green Coffee BeansBeware – This product is cheap for a reason. It does not have 45% or more Chlorogenic Acid in it.
This product is sold at Chemist Warehouse all around Australia. They are decaffeinated, which is a great way to have these supplements made. Therefore they have no caffeine side effects and can be taken without the fear of getting any caffeine jitters or dependence. They are cheaper than most Australia coffee beans on the market but nowhere on the bottle does it state their Chlorogenic Acid level as a percentage. They say that they have Coffee Canephora at 7g which is equivalent to Chlorogenic Acid of 180mg, but what does that mean? We have rang them to ask for their percentage levels and they just stated “We are not going to tell you what ingredients we use in our product”. So therefore i would stay clear of this product until they put the proper percentage of ingredients on their bottle. They may be the cheapest around Australia but what is the point of being the cheapest if it is just filled with dried fruit fillers that do not work as good as they should.


Purely Inspired Review

purely inspired green coffee beans

As mentioned above about specific brands to avoid, as their ingredients do not match up to the green coffee bean capsules that are beneficial for you to lose weight. The Purely Inspired capsules have half as many ingredients in each capsule, so therefore you have to take twice as many for them to work. If they sold them for half the price, then that would not be an issue but selling them for around the same price is ripping you off and you are not getting any good value out of buying this product.

They only have 200mgs capsules and we know by the many tests done, that each capsule should at least be 400mgs. If you only needed to swallow 2 capsules before each meal, then that would be easy enough (unless you had trouble swallowing one capsule and the thought of two would make you gag. lol) but each bottle only comes in 60 capsules, so there would not be close to a months worth of these hunger suppressant pills in each bottle.

Purely Inspired Green Coffee-Bean IngredientsIf you look at the ingredients that have been added to their product then you will see that there are unneeded ingredients in there and the extra things added are just there to fill up the capsule. A good brand will just have the green coffee bean extract (>45% chlorogeneric acid) and only list the capsule itself. I don’t understand why they would add fillers to their product just to pass it off as ingredients that are supposed to help you lose more kilos. Even if they do bring out a product with 400mg capsules, then I would still be wary that they are hiding something else.


Pure Health Reviews

pure health green coffee beanFrom what we have read on different websites, the Pure Health green coffee beans rate well. Most pages have them at 4 stars with good reviews on weight loss. Since they have all of the required Chlorogeneric Acid then all of the reviews would be legitimate. They are not expensive at all but you still have to buy them in Wallmart and get them shipped from America. I do not think Wallmart ship to Australia and since we do not have any stores in Australia, then they would be hard to get. If you or a friend are going to the US then that would be a good way to bring some back.  Be wary of buying them off Amazon, as it could be anyone selling the product and they could easily be manufactured in China and be sold as an imitation. This happens a lot as companies sell their fakes as the real itmes without you knowing it, until you take it for a few months and realise that nothing is happening and you have lost your money.


Leptin Green Coffee 800 Reviews

Leptin SachetsIf you have thought about this product then please read this Leptin Green Coffee 800 Weight Loss review. We have had a look at many pages and websites that sell and distribute this product. This is not a bottle of pills that you take before each meal. This comes in a powdered form that you need to mix with a liquid, so they are not convenient to carry around with you. They do not really state how much green coffee they have in them, as they add additional antioxidants and healthy sounding things like ginseng root & rhizome and cambogia fruit etc but what do these ingredients do to help you lose weight? I thought we were taking some fat burner pills and not some detox health powder or some dietary essential supplement?

I have also read a few reviews that mention some side effects and stomach cramps but do not mention much about kilos lost. Some also mention about the caffeine in the product keeping them awake at nights for a few weeks and to take the supplements early in the morning to stop this affect but aren’t you supposed to take these before each main meal? They also do not really say much about how good the product is, so therefore I would not take something with ordinary reviews.


Our Product Reviews That We Recommend

We are currently in talks with Australian companies to get our own supplements made with all the right inclusions and with no additives and fillers, so when that happens, then we will have a quality product to sell around Australia. In the mean time we suggest that you buy our recommended product. They are reasonably priced at under $1 a day, which is a cheap way to lose weight and all the reviews that we have read are at over 4 star.

We have chosen a few products for you to choose from because different people like different products.

After a lot of research we have narrowed down the products into a small list. They all have the right ingredients in them  but they are priced a little bit different and also the postage on each item will vary. More information is available on our Product Reviews pages or our Products Pages, or you can shop for the products of your choice by clicking on the below images.


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