Green Coffee Beans Customer Review

This is a Green Coffee Beans Customer Review from Julie who is a 48 year old female from Brisbane, that is a mother of two and soon to be a grandmother. She has been taking the Max Capsules for over 6 months and has seen some great results. Please read her Max and Optimus review below.


Julie’s Review

Thanks Magic Green Coffee Beans for all your information and guidance on how to take the product properly and what to look out for. Below is my review. So far I have lost just over 10 kg’s. I am so happy and living a better and healthier lifestyle.



Over the last 20 or so years I have been busy being a mother and wife and not really taking time out for myself, to do the things that I have wanted to do or enjoy. Now that my children have grown up and moved out of the family home, I can start to relax and enjoy life with less worries.

Over the past 10 or so years, I had noticed that I had added extra weight that I was carrying. I actually didn’t even lose those extra Kilos I put on after child birth. My weight was slowly creeping up and when I looked at some photos at my daughter’s recent wedding, I knew it was time to take control of my life and devote some time to get back to my ideal weight and to enjoy life more.

I was just relaxing at home on a Saturday morning and started watching the Dr Oz show and he had a few segments about Pure Green Coffee Beans Extract and how they can help you lose weight. It got my attention, so I hit the record button on our set top box and started to watch how just taking a couple of capsules a day can help me lose weight. It wasn’t any quick fix but a healthy way to lose weight. I needed something like this.

Dr Oz Screen on Green Coffee Beans ReviewIt went into detail about how the  Chlorogenic Acid in each green coffee bean capsule changed how fat and sugar were absorbed and processed into the body and how it helped you lose fat just by taking a certain amount of the Chlorogenic Acid. A bit high tech info for me but I didn’t have to learn all about the science of it, just that it was recommended by Dr Oz and that he could help me with me losing some extra kilograms without doing anything extra in my daily routine.


After a lot of review reading and looking at lots of web sites I decided to buy the Max Bottles. They had the right ingredients in them and at an affordable price. They worked out to be about $1 a day, which was well within my budget and a lot cheaper than other weightloss products.


Once I received the bottles I started straight away. I weighed myself and was astonished that I was over 80 kg’s. Now I am not that tall, so me creeping up to over 80 kg’s was a bit embarrassing and I felt depressed. I couldn’t believe how I let myself go so much but not only that, that I did not give myself some time to get my own health right and that I was spending all my time looking after my family.


What I Did To Lose Weight

When I received my bottles and after watching the Dr OZ Videos, I knew this was my stepping stone to start me becoming healthier and thinner. All I had to do was take two capsule a day and not change my diet nor did I have to do any exercise. This was great for me because I live in Brisbane which is warm all year round, so our lifestyle was to enjoy some wine and a BBQ most nights and to sit outside and enjoy the nice balmy evenings. We would also catch up with friends a couple of days a week, as my husband would go fishing with his friends and we would all meet up after to eat their catch.

After 3 weeks, I had lost just over 1 and a half kilos. This was a great result for me as I was continuing my lifestyle without any extra effort. I actually think I had a little bit extra to eat because I thought why not, the pill is doing its thing.

After a couple of weeks I think I might have relaxed too much and didn’t lose any weight at all but the good thing, I did not gain any either. I decided to watch more what I ate and decided to get some friends together to go for an afternoon walk before we would have our wines. This was a great start to more weight loss.

Not only did it make me more motivated to lose more but made me have more energy throughout the day and less tired at night. I continued with my exercise and I even cut back on some dessert. This has had a great result on me losing some more kilograms. Over the next 3 months I lost a further 6 kilos and was on my way to getting my pre-pregnant body back.

I had a friend that was also buying the Optimus and she had similar results, so I have bought them this time around as they had a special going, so I saved some money but was still buying a trusted product.

I have now lost just over 10 kilos and have enjoyed this journey immensely. I have loads of energy plus I have taken steps to do more activities that I enjoy with my friends, thus getting out of the house and enjoying my surroundings and beautiful city.


I look forward to continuing losing more of my unwanted fat and strive to never have the body I had before and to start living life now that my children have grown up and left the house. My husband is a big fan too.







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