Green Coffee Beans with Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Beans – Green Coffee Beans with Chlorogenic Acid (GCA) which when turned into a supplement, creates fat burner pills that aid in healthy weight loss for minimum effort for you. That’s Right! For minimum effort. They are also turned into hunger suppressant pills that aid in making you eat less which makes your daily calorie intake less.

Learn about Chlorogenic Acid Below.

Green Coffee Beans with Chlorogenic Acid
Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid; How Does it Work – GCA?

Now don’t be fooled that it exists in the coffee that you drink because when the Green Coffee Beans are roasted, it removes all of the goodness and turns the coffee into the roasted delicacy that millions of people around the world enjoy on a daily, sometimes a hourly basis. Wouldn’t it be good if just drinking a few cups of coffee a day would aid in weightloss?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. By roasting the coffee at over 250c, it removes the antioxidants and nutrients from the green coffee bean, so keeping it in its natural state, allows all the goodness to stay where it should.

Chlorogenic AcidChlorogenic Acid or GCAan SVETOL is a phytochemical that lowers absorption of fat from the food that you eat, which also activates your metabolism, thus helps you burn off extra fat. It also controls your blood sugar which is great for overweight people that have Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s great news for people that can reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes, as a healthy lifestyle and losing weight can reverse this disease and give you an extra lease on life. By inhibiting the release of blood sugars within the blood stream and slowing the absorption of glucose and sugars into the bloodstream, this makes the sugar not be stored as extra energy (which we know as fat). It  also also helps you eat less calories by making you less hungry between and during each meal, as they are also  hunger suppressant pills, which by eating less calories during the day also makes you lose those extra kilos throughout your weight loss regime.

What to look for

We all know that there are scammers around the world, trying to get the most money out of you for the least amount of money that they invest. This is also occurring from scammers from around the world that are passing their Green Coffee Bean Extract product off as a real fat burner pill. They add fillers and artificial additives like gluten, milk powder, lactose and salt, which have no effect on you and just make it cheaper for them to make but do not work as well.

Our products contain above the recommended amounts of ingredients needed for these healthy weight loss pills to work effectively . We have over 45% Chlorogenic Acid and plyphenols in each capsule and we do not add any additives or fillers. Our capsules are made from decaffeinated green coffee beans but do still have small traces of caffeine. Our recommended daily dose (3 capsules taken each day. 1 before each main meal) provides close to 24 mg of caffeine, which equates to  less than the same amount of caffeine that is in half a cup of coffee.

Since our capsules contain some traces of caffeine we do not recommend these tablets for people under 18 or for pregnant women. Being pregnant isn’t the best time to start a weigh loss campaign for yourself or you baby anyway,  so starting to take supplements to decrease your weight levels is not recommended.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

We have some reviews on our site  that cover what methods some people have done to lose their weight while taking our product Each review is different, as people’s lifestyles are different. Depending on your body type, body fat and lifestyle would determine the amount of weight that you lose and how fast.


We also have a Weight Loss Forum where you can discuss your progress or ask other people what their experiences are, or just read extra information about this amazing product.

We also recommend taking the extra step by starting some light exercise and watching what you eat. Eating fast food all day and sitting on the couch all night will not help you with any diet. You have to take the extra steps to change your lifestyle, to suit what you want to do with your life and how long you want to live for. These are not miracle fat burner pills. You cannot think by taking these capsules that your life will change, if you cannot change a bit.

These capsules are also good if you want to maintain your weight. If you have had a big Christmas and  New Year and then because of Summer and Australia Day, you tend to drink and eat a lot more than what you would normally do. So these pills are perfect for not gaining any extra kilos over the busy summer months. Then winter starts to creep up on you and you get stuck into footy season and from there you wonder when are you going to start losing those extra kilos? Starting off with just taking 3 capsules a day is a great start for you and your family.

Your results will be up to you on what way you approach your own lifestyle but because there are no  side effects then you have nothing to lose from taking these capsules.




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