Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Review on Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract – This is our Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract Review where we will cover the ins and outs of why this product is good for you and we will also cover the Side Effects and where to buy them in Australia.

Optimus Product OverviewOptimus Green Coffee Beans Bottle

Optimus are made by RDK Global, They have made and distributed a large range of top selling weight loss pills and pain relief supplements for many years. Their natural supplements are all manufactured to the highest level and are FDA approved in the United States and also as apart of the European Union. Their products are of the highest standard and quality and are available for distribution around the world


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What is the Product Made for?

This product is made for healthy weight loss. The natural ingredients in these capsules help you to lose weight but in a healthy way. You do not have to change your diet or your exercise routine to lose those kilos. These Fat Burn Pills are made from all natural ingredients, so they work naturally in your body. With all of the needed ingredients in each capsule, all you have to do is take 2 tablets a day. One in the morning and one in the evening or with lunch and you will see weight come off and realise how easy it is.


 What are the Ingredients in the Supplements?

In each capsule there is green coffee bean extract. When coffee is in its purist state (green and not roasted) the bean contains a substance called Chlorogenic Acid (GCA) or SVETOL. When coffee is roasted, the Chlorogenic Acid is burnt away but when these green coffee beans are turned into a supplement, all of the Chlorogenic Acid remains. It is this substance that makes you lose the weight. Please read about Chlorogenic Acid here.

There should not be any fillers or other so called health products in these capsules. You do not need any other ingredients that are good for detox or skin toning, as this capsule is only for weight loss and stuffing the capsules with other ingredients makes them less effective. These capsules should have over 45% Chlorogenic Acid in them for your body to react and lose weight. The Optimus product does have over 45% GCA so you know that each capsule will be working in your body. The only other ingredient you should see on the label is what the actual capsule is made from.


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How do they work?

Studies have been done by medical experts and their findings have been outstanding. The Chlorogenic Acid does a lot of things to help you lose weight.

  • Reduces the sugar production in your liver
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Decreases your cravings for fatty and sugary products
  • Controls the release of sugars into your blood stream
  • Sets your mind into a weight management program

So Who is this for?

These healthy weight loss pills are beneficial for men and women who would like to lose some extra kilos in their life. Even though they are broadcasted as “Miracle Weight Loss Pills” you still have to watch what you are eating. Just because you are taking these tablets, does not mean you can gorge yourself on fatty and sugary treats. The idea of taking these fat burner tablets is to get your body and mind into a weight loss routine and to start your healthy lifestyle. They will make you lose weight without doing any extra exercise or changing your diet but you still have to be realistic and not eat KFC or McDonalds everyday and still expect to lose those extra kilos. It just won’t happen.

Side Effects?

After all the studies that have been done and all of the testing done on groups of people, there have not been any side effects what so ever. These tablets do however contain some traces of caffeine, so if you allergic to caffeine or are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18 then we would recommend not to take these capsules.


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Where to Buy Optimus Capsules?

We are in the process of working with the RDK Global company, for us to buy the Optimus Green Coffee Bean Capsules, so then you can buy them directly from us and not from overseas but until then you can order directly from them. The postage may take a little bit longer but you will then be able to start your weight loss routine once the delivery is received. All you need to do is click on the below “Buy Now” button and then fill out all of your details and then you can start straight away. Very exciting! We also recommend other products, so check out or Extract products page and then you can decide which product and price is right for you.

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